EFFICIENT – SMART – SIMPLE Online Call Management Solution


Telemark is an online platform for managing call center activities

✓ Provides you with a contact database containing millions of records ✓ Allows you to import your own database of contacts ✓ Supports the open office, work from anywhere ✓ Mobile friendly interface with click to call functionality



  • Add/Remove call center agents
  • Assign / Remove / Replace the call list of an agent (random or targeted assignment)
  • Define email templates for agents to send quick and easy personalized emails to contacts
  • Define quarantine period to avoid frequent calls to the same contacts
  • Apply government do-not-call lists
  • Manage statuses that agents can set to each contact they call
    • Statuses such as: call back, no answer, not interested, do not call…
    • Configure which status holds a contact to the agent when assigning the agent a new contact list.
    • Determine the hold period by status
    • Set a call counter trigger by status



  • Adaptive interface for easy viewing on handheld devices
  • Click to call functionality for increased efficiency
  • Extensive search and filtering capabilities for managing large calling lists
  • Quick status buttons for efficient operations
  • Call counter for tracking / progress assessment
  • Callback reminders
  • Retained contacts expiration reminders
  • Easy emailing to any given contact


  • Export contact lists
  • View agent statistics: compare activity across time and between agents
  • View per contact status count for every agent
  • View who’s active online
  • Extensive calling reports
    • Average call duration per: agent, day, region, time of day…
    • Replay recorded calls (optional recording feature)
  • Software utility for extensive matching of existing clients with the contact database
  • Match based on multiple criteria
  • Partial matching makes it easy to account for spelling inconsistencies
  • Keep track and lock filtered contacts so they wouldn't get assigned to any agents


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