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One of the main pillars of success in today's market is a company's ability to maintain lean operations. Technology is an enabling factor in optimizing the operations, the quality and the responsiveness of an organization. Large corporations understand very well the positive impact of technology and have invested in large IT departments that help them edge ahead of their competitors.
SMEs, on the other hand, do not have the budget nor the need for in house IT and must deal with a variety of providers who service different systems (network, telephony, web, backoffice...), often without a clear strategy for IT. Alligning IT strategy with the business and then coordinating and managing providers is a demanding task that requires familiarity with the business and experience with a broad variety of IT systems.


Dynamaze exists to bridge this gap, We provide a wide range of services that go from day to day support to complex systems development, implementation and integration. You will find in us trusted and reliable partners to advise you and accompany your company as it grows.

Consulting / Analysis

We are business smart technology gurus and creative thinkers. We can help you zero in on the solution with the highest ROI.

Implement / Integrate

We are experienced in implementing new specialized systems and in integrating systems together to reduce the time spent on routine operations.


Think, analyze, develop, implement, train, and support state of the art web, desktop and mobile applications.

Telephony anywhere

Connectivity that transcends geographical boundaries. Stay connected and use a plethora of features like voicemail and fax to email.

Infrastructure design

We build - revamp - maintain robust and redundant networks, VPN tunnelling, remote connectivity and Enterprise wireless infrastructure.

Systems administration

We configure and maintain Windows and Linux based servers. DC/AD, distributed file systems, email and a host of specialized systems.

Collaborative suite

Email, calendar, tasks, corporate and private address books. Share, follow-up, and optimize your operations using our hosted solution.

Support on the fly

You will be impressed by our speed. We solve everyday problems within minutes and from distance to keep you focused and efficient.



  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Implementation
  • Integration & Migration
  • Custom Software
  • Custom Web
  • Custom Apps
  • Infrastructure Design

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    5 years in operation
    Major projects implemented

    Most of our projects are ongoing projects with long term plans. We have worked with diverse industries and on specialized projects often requiring multiple technologies working in concert.

    • EZFlavor

      Oct 18,2014


      EZFlavor is a software that started off as an organic chemistry formulation and formula management software. Over the years it grew to include other operations such as Quality Checking and Quality Assurance

      The robust structure and modular design allowed us to deliver very powerful yet elegant user interfaces. We worked very closely with our client to ensure the success of this project. Much of the work went into redesigning business processes and standard operation procedures. The effort payed off manifolds with the optimizations that were implemented through EZFlavor.

      Project Aspects

      • Data analysis and template generation
      • User-assisted data import excel → Database
      • Database level integration with existing ERP
      • Client server modular design


      Oct 18,2014


      Telemark provides a simple yet powerful call management system. Web based for accessibility with click to call functionality, Telemark brings to call center agents an excellent support system with an intuitive interface.

      Telemark also offers an extensive management interface to administer agents, assign contact lists, apply government DNC list, and other administration tools. But also statistical reporting and KPI monitoring

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    • CRM Implementation

      Apr 01,2016

      CRM Implementation

      Data integration and migration is a strong suit of ours. we have worked on implementing SugarCRM, the leading open source CRM, and integrating it with the client's email server, Asterisk phone system as well as an existing ERP.
      The result is a fully integrated environment where sales agents can track communication (phone or email), check their client's activity history and consult inventory pricing and availability.

      • System configuration
      • database integration
      • Asterisk TAPI integration
      • POP server integration
      • custom web services development
      • Software customization


      Oct 18,2014


      TeleCorFilter is a desktop filtering utility for Telemark. This utility allows partial matching on any parameter to help you filter out any contacts in Telemark that may already be clients of yours. The user can set the strictness level to avoid having agents call existing clients.


      This tool is designed as a client server software that acts as an interface between a local list of contacts and the Telemark contact base

    • Novotaste.com

      Oct 20,2014


      Corporate website for Novotaste Corporation Inc. the website reflects the R&D nature of the company. Novotaste.com is built using the best in class CMS platform. Drupal was chosen because of its powerful architecture, novotaste.com is a communications hub and a management system capable of integrating with other systems already in place at the company.

      Beyond the vitrine, Novotaste.com allows staff and clients to share files and communications, it also provides sales and lab management tools that are actively used by in-house and mobile staff to optimize their collaboration.

      Project Aspects

      • Business analysis and process design
      • System analysis and data modeling
      • Data management tools
      • Webservices
      • Graphic design and custom theming

      Pulse Phonecards

      Oct 20,2014

      Pulse Phonecards

      Dynamaze created and marketed Pulse Phonecards back in 2009. Long distance scratch off phonecards put our telecommunication system to the test, we handled high call volumes from multiple origination and going to international destinations. The project was phased out at the end of 2011 due to the forecast of a shift towards tools like Skype.

      Project Aspects

      • Inbound call routing based on origin and language preference
      • Outbound call routing based on quality or cost
      • Fail-over trunking with various providers
      • Extensive card management and billing interface
      • Multi-layered call billing configuration through an intuitive graphical web interface
      • Billing and account management integration
      • White label sub accounts portal and personal line management
      • Webservices
      • Graphic design and custom theming
    • Roadview

      Oct 20,2014


      Roadview is a suite of software and tools that integrate road testing equipment and manage the data generated. The video collection tool captures high res and high speed video taken from up to 4 cameras and ties each frame to localisation data taken from various instruments. Other tools process data from other testing instruments such as ground penetrating radar and ties it to video frames to present a virtual navigation of the road testing results.

      Dynamaze has integrated vehicle mounted testing equipment with vehicle data and high fidelity industrial grade cameras. A computer system was also designed and implemented inside the testing vehicle with wireless connectivity with engineers at the office.

      Project Aspects

      • 40% software development
      • 20% Computer system design and assembly
      • 20% camera and lens/filter selection
      • 10% electronic boards design and development
      • 10% hardware and mechanical work


      Oct 20,2014


      Enfance.ca is a project aimed at providing daycares a standardized web presence with communication and management tools including a calendar of food and events, photo gallery, documents and forms, as well as a private waiting list and a centralized waiting list shared between all the member daycares.

      This project is a proprietary system developed to serve a niche that has long been set aside by tech companies due to the low adoption of technology in the daycare industry. Enfance.ca makes powerful technology very simple to use by staff that are not technical. The project was put on ice while waiting for the government of Quebec to clarify the effort that it is undertaking to centralize all waiting lists.

      Project Aspects

      • Business analysis and requirements gathering
      • Distributed database and multi-site system
      • Ergonomic design
      • Template generation and customization tools
    • CielOuvert.com

      Oct 20,2014


      a website made up of seven individual websites representing seven independent daycares that are part of the same organization. The websites are sub-domains of the main cielouvert.ca and they share some common information while maintaining site specific information.

      Project Aspects

      • UI design and dataflow models
      • Intuitive management interface for daycare directors
      • In-place content editing and generation
      • multi-domain site design
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    About DYNAMAZE

    Dynamaze was founded in Montreal by Joseph Helou - an MBA graduate and a senior developer - the company responds to a growing need of specialized IT services by SMEs. Over the years Dynamaze's network of developers and IT professionals has covered skills in various areas such as Windows/Mac/Linux administration, networking, development, telephony and others.

    Today we offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from every day's support to specialized projects using various technologies. This formula is especially attractive to SMEs because it allows them to deal with one source for everything IT.

    Dynamaze has also developed proprietary systems that are made available through our licensing program.

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